Prince George's County Licenses and Permitting

setting up a new business

Retail and Wholesale Trader's License

If your new business in Prince George's County involves retail, wholesaling items, or opening a chain store, you will need to obtain a Trader's License from the Office of the Circuit Court Clerk.

Food Service

Different permits are required for different types of food services, including restaurants, fast food, farmer's markets, special events, and warehouses - go to the Prince George's County Health Service website or call 301-883-7690.

Residential Construction Firms and Trades

If you are starting your own construction firm or are a trades person and will be working on residential structures, a special license is needed from the Office of the Circuit Court Clerk.

Visit the BLIS Through Prince George's County's Website

Prince George's County directs propsective and current business owners to browse the State of Maryland's license directory for the relevant information when operating in the County.


building, renovating, and improving

New Construction or Alterations

The Permits and Review Group (PRG) of Prince George's County reviews and approve plans for construction, including structural, mechanical, electrical, fire, and life safety-related issues throughout a construction project. The law requires a permit to erect, construct, enlarge, alter, move, improve, connect, demolish, use and/or occupy, or raze any building.  Visit PRG's site for online services or call 301-883-5900.

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